This website is heresy, for, in it, you will see presented the works of John Milton as you have never before seen them.

This is a game, of sorts: you will geek out, nerd out, and encounter a bloody, visceral game which will challenge you in more ways than one. This place is not for the efreet or timid. This is an abstract Hell. You have been warned.

This is Milton as he would have been seen today; this is #Milton at today’s creeping fascism.

He resisted, do you?

(Find out)



The Milton Underground is a Click-Adventure game.

It is a mystery, it is an adventure, and it is a discovery of one of history’s finest and most honored poets. Here, you will scour a desolate landscape, piece together the tragedy which unfolded, and escape into either a “hell of heaven” or a “heaven of hell”.

Everyone is welcome to play.


Questions, concerns, comments? Give us a holla below. No promises about getting back to you in a timely manner, though, or even at all. You’re welcome to give it a shot, however!