“How did you come? You are not supposed to be here– it is a violation!”

For a door, what stands before you is knowledgeable. Indeed, you do not belong here. How your presence is a violation, though, you have no idea; you feel violated for winding up in this situation, for being torn from your life, but beyond that, you are as ignorant of this place as a snowflake is of a volcano’s magma.

You take a closer look at the door; it is engraved with a variety of emblems and covered with filigree. Once upon a time, this door was an exquisite piece of art. Now, covered in red smears and haunted by some arcane intelligence, its best days are clearly behind it.

“Leave this place.” It speaks.

You wish you could obey it. You are frightened and would like nothing more than to leave to this abominable realm. And yet, you can’t. This space is not safe. You can feel it in your bones and see it in the bones on the ground. This place has been the death of many of your kind.



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