Worming your way through the vault door, you come to a descending staircase.

Your vision, though, is not impaired as torches, mysteriously still burning, light the way. so, you go down. You go deep down into the depths. On occasion, you call out. No one responds.

Eventually, the staircase bottoms out and you are let out into an apparent maze. All around you is a sputtering collection of crafted stone hallways lined with dozens of doors.

You wander.

You open one door only to find more of the same– hallways lined with doors. You go right and step through. Looking, either way, you find long stretches of hallway. You enter through a door in front you. To your left is a gently curved path. No doors. To your right, though, is a long hallway which violently juts behind you and branches off in wild directions, seemingly making the stone of its construction malleable.

You take the pathway to the left.


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