Finally, you arrive at… somewhere.

You enter into a cavernous room. Looking up, you cannot even see the ceiling. Looking to the left or right, you can just barely make out several branching pathways. Gazing around lazily presents you with but minor insights: giant stone towers wind their way up to the ceiling, each one the length and width of a city block, all while vault doors lead into dark abysses. Searching the ground, you see a vast collection of the every day scattered haphazardly as far as the eye can see.

You wander this place. You become intimate with this place. There is something about this locale which pulls and you and drags you to understanding. Determination fills you. But so too does dread. Something happened here. Though you don’t know what, you become acquainted with this place and it becomes acquainted with you.

Now you must decide, though, which way to go?

[Enter the vault door scorched with ash, blood, and rust]

[Descend down the trap door surrounded by leaves and dead flowers]


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