Intro & FAQ


Welcome to The Milton Underground!

You may have a lot of questions and that is fine. This is the place to get those questions answered. Below, you will find a wide range of frequently asked Q&A. If there is a question which is not answered that you would like to ask, either comment below or send us a message via the “Contact Us” page. Thanks for reading and playing!

Q: What is The Milton Underground?

A: The Milton Underground is a free, online Click Adventure (“Clickventure”). We are a not-for-profit website (this site is NOT monetized). Any donations made to this website goes toward hosting costs or site improvement (hiring of artists, the inclusion of additional content, etc.). Although our primary audience is young people (aged 13-20), we welcome everyone to participate our game regardless of age, background, or beliefs.

Q: What is a Clickventure?

A: A clickventure is an online experience focused on mouse clicking—hence, the “click” portion of “Clickventure”—as the primary mode of advancement. The player reads text and responds to each situation as they see fit. There is no hardware to purchase when playing clickventures (other than whatever online-capable device you will be playing the game on, that is). Anyone with a device capable of accessing the internet is welcome to play our adventure.

Q: Is The Milton Underground different from the average clickventure?

A: Yes! The Milton Underground boasts many features which separate it from the average clickventure. Firstly, we are academic oriented; though we do not aspire to formal levels of recognition (such as Common Core affiliation), we do hope to foster a strident intellectual engagement with the works of this site’s namesake—John Milton. Here, students will engage with various Miltonic texts masked as an original, thrilling mystery narrative. Secondly, we encourage a non-trivial effort on the part of our players. Engaging with this narrative will require players adhere to what we call “Fidelity”, that is, we hope that players will adhere to the game rules and logic, all while abiding by their responsibilities as a player. Thirdly, in order for players to move forward in the narrative, players are encouraged to memorize, open in a new tab, or print out, our Gameplay Manual and understand that in order to get the full experience, they must adhere to their duty as players and carefully understand that they must not only interpret text, but remember that each action, reward, and encounter, proceeds by their own honesty.



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