DeFam (001-003)

[“Ev’n them who kept they truth so pure of old” manifests as a hideously elongated line extending from a large hole in the ground to the creature, who appears to be mindlessly circling the large hole; so these words traverse the entire hole until “Ev’n” returns to meet itself. “When all our fathers worship’s Stocks and Stones”, meanwhile, stretches itself up and into the creature’s body– its many hands and fingers, which you know see is the creature itself; it is an amalgamation. The placing of the exact words is indeterminate. “Forget not: in thy book record their groan” divests itself of its textual siblings and branches off into the depths of the library, stretching itself, again, to obscene lengths, though in the distant dark you can see what appears to be various glowing insects congregating on the spot where the line ends. “Who were thy sheep and in their ancient fold” continues where the previous line ended. It branches off into various bookcases and, in one instance, a desk piled with what appears to be animal bones. If you are to proceed further, it looks like you will need to escape into the hole.]


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