AS you descend down into the darkness of the hole, the light from above slowly fades and soon you are left with nothing but the rattle of the ladder steps as you place your trust in their strength. Minutes tick by and the darkness grows ever stronger. But soon, glimmers do fade up from below, though you remain filled with dread. [Stop and return to the surface]

Finally reaching the bottom, you have descended, you see, into labyrinthine space. All around you, a vast assemblage of twisting paths and winding passages enters your consciousness. To your relief, though, there are numerous signs pointing in various directions; though they mean nothing to you, at least you will not get lost should you need to find your way back to this locale.

All though this area fills you with unease, to your surprise, though, it is a place filled with flowers. While you can only make out the details of the fauna when you enter into close proximity with the plants, they are beautiful nonetheless, and they take the edge off of the unease which this place exudes.

[Follow the central path deep into the heart of the garden] {Text challenge}


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