Perception (002-003)

“Mine of whom washt from spot of child-bed taint, / Purification of the old Law did save, / And such, as yet once more I trust to have”

[“Mine of whom washt from spot of child-bed taint” appears spread out over the marshes in-front of the defensive wall; each word in this line appears enmeshed within either a puddle, grave, or pile of rubble, their disunity suggesting, perhaps, the death of the romantic arts. “Purification of the old” engraves itself in bold lettering on the brow of the wall, calling out to all who see it that this wall gave its masters all that it had. “law did save”, meanwhile, melts, emblazoned at the foot of the wall among the discarded war material, sunken low and accepting of its defeat. “And such,” can just be seen through the breach largest in stature, and just beyond the wall, a transcript seemingly inviting people to trample upon it. “as yet once more I trust to have”, then, bellows out in a half-circle further out into the camp beyond the wall.]


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