The interior of the tent is without remorse. It is a graveyard by any other name: piles upon piles of dead in varying states of decay and various states of care; some lie in piles while others dangle with hazard from the jerry-rigged wooden and brick superstructure holding the tent up. AS a sight, it fills you with revulsion and causes you to wonder why you were lead here and why now the once indistinct notions of unknowibility this place encouraged has reversed itself to reveal such abominable sights.

“So clear, as in no face with no delight. / But, O, as to embrace me she inclin’d, / I wak’d, she fled, and day brought back my night.”

[Expirimental challenge: place the words as you see fit into whatever macabre situation you feel is appropriate with due course to this guideline– “honor thy dead”.]

You decide…

[Use Perception]

[Use Deconstruction]

[Use DeFam]

With your interpretative challenge complete, you decide to explore the tent.


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