Deconstruction (002-004)

“Full sight of her in Heaven without restraint, / Came vested all in white, pure as her mind:”

[“Full sight of her” winds up a tall steel beam overwhelmed with a plethora of flowers, each one translucent and ice-cold to the touch. “in Heaven without restraint” does an odd split: “in Heaven with–” splits off to the left at the top of the beam, whereas “–out restraint” mirrors with its own divergence to the right. “Came vested all in white”, meanwhile, dangles down from the leftward divergence that is a stalactite, like a chain and lands on the roof of a disheveled shanty-house. “,pure as her mind” is, again, mirrored on the rightward divergence, though this time it travels along the low-hanging ceiling and ends with “mind:” overlapping with an old, discarded flag which somehow had gotten stuck on this vantage point long ago.]


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