DeFam (001-005)

“To Heav’n. Their martyr’s blood and ashes sow / O’er the all th’Italian fields where still doth sway”

[“To Heav’n” is emblazoned across the pit vertically in gigantic letters. It covers nearly all of which you are able to see on the contrary side of the pit. In comparison, the other words appear tiny. “Their martyr’s blood and ashes sow” outstretches and descends down three levels of the winding rail, each word appearing on a deeper level. This way it is harder for you to interpret, though not impossible as it merely is a visual trick. “O’er the all” connects like a chain from the end of “sow”; since “sow” is on the same level as you, “O’er” acts as the connecting clause allowing “the all” to nearly touch your rail car in this moment of transportation. “th’Italian fields”, then, obscures your front window as the words imprint on it. “where still doth sway”, meanwhile, manifests within the conductor’s compartment and its manifold tools which control the car. You must be careful when you interpret, you realize, for a wrong move here may destroy you ability to use the car in the future.]


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