What is “fidelity”?

It is part philosophy, taken as it is from French philosopher Alain Badiou; but it is also part performance: when you declare “fidelity” to something—whether that declaration is implicit or explicit—you adhere to that idea and defend it from persecution while working to actively promote it. In a sense, then, a person who has “fidelity” is sort of like the ultimate activist.

When playing The Milton Underground, then, fidelity takes the form of players taking responsibility for their actions. You exercise adhesion to the game world and its rules; essentially, you maintain the role-playing persona in which you are thrust. But, because fidelity means so much more than not breaking character, I have outlined a few points which will be important to keep in mind while playing; though this list is fairly lengthy, I hope that many of the points will be second nature before you even make a study of the rules. So, with that being said, please show the proper respects when playing.


Fidelity: what it means

  • Players do not “con” the game: they are honest with how many points they earn; (2) they post full comments when engaged in interpretation; (3) they maintain and track their interpretation’s effect on the game world from post-to-post; (4) they follow the game guidelines, understand the function of ability and tool while maintaining a working knowledge of “trigger events” (or, they have open in tabs, the various tool and trigger event descriptions, so as to reference as they play); (5) players do not post spam, hostile non-productive messages, or antagonize or troll other players; (6) players explore the game world by following links within each posts—NOT by clicking on the “Next post” and “Previous post” icons; (7) players keep track of their exploration and progress with simple pen and paper maps and status sheets;

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